The most underused asset is just above our heads – make a substantial difference to the quality of everyday life!


As THE roofscaping specialist, our decades of thought leadership and experience has given us a unique understanding of how the world is changing.


Over 100 years of delivering breathtaking roofscapes has enabled us to identify, invent and inspire solutions for every occurrence, our ethos is of continuous innovation.


Every Zoontjens roof, project and product is the result of continuous improvement and product development to impeccably high standards.

Zoontjens view from higher ground

What if the world were twice as big? With a Zoontjens roof, we believe it is. In our world we transform the space above our heads, from emptiness to exciting roofscapes.

Our expertise is the view from higher ground

We deliver specialist roofs that improve our lives and resolve the problems which we, as a community, face.  We have been doing this for decades, but what makes us unique?