The most underused asset is just above our heads – make a substantial difference to the quality of everyday life!

Higher ground

What if the world were twice as big. And it can be, as far as we’re concerned. Our world, twice as big – at a certain height, that is. As we see it, there is a world above us – sometimes a little bit above from where you are now – that’s largely unused.

A world that we are helping to design and construct perfectly with our systems. An empty canvas of flat roofs, with sky-high potential, virgin territory: just think of the possibilities. We do so all the time. Every day we find ourselves on higher ground, because there’s no limit to the opportunities that you can find there. Opportunities that are just calling out to be utilised.

The possibilities have no limit

By helping to design and construct that unused world above us, we are making buildings more sustainable. We are responding to climate change and working on improving our living environment. Just consider extra living space, places to meet, or parking space; room for more greenery, to increase biodiversity, reduce the risk of flooding or to generate sustainable energy. And all right above our heads. We sincerely believe in higher grounds.


Use the roof!


Anything that can be done at ground level should also be possible in that beautiful unexplored area above us. We are aiming for a sustainably built living environment. That’s why our spirits are high. And we believe in higher ground.

From design to maintenance 

We have a number of production companies, develop new products and systems ourselves, and purchases special materials. Involvement in the design phase of a project is essential in order to respond to the specific wishes. A range of colour samples, designs, patterns or accessories are produced to deliver a unique roof. We offer a full service package and operate as lead contractor in specialist roofing projects in the Netherlands and abroad. We take care of delivery, installation, maintenance and warranties. Our service means our clients need not concern themselves with any aspect of the implementation of the work. Every project is precisely planned and supervised. We work with regular contractors and the established expertise can be optimally deployed, resulting in high quality assurance.

Zoontjens is a CRH company, the leading global diversified building materials business in the world

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