Zoontjens is part of CRH. CRH is a leading group of suppliers of virtually all types of building materials.

Global player

The company operates all over the world and has approximately 87,000 employees in some 3,800 locations in 31 countries. Eleven Dutch companies are part of CRH in the Netherlands. With a market value of approximately €27 billion (April 2017), CRH is the largest building materials company in North America and the second largest in the world. The group is the market leader in various sectors in Europe and has strategic positions in emerging economies in Asia and South America.

environmentally conscious

CRH strives to improve the built environment by using superior materials and products for constructing and maintaining infrastructure, residential property and commercial projects. CRH’s basic principle is ‘that there is never a good business reason for any wrongdoing’. In line with this principle, CRH fully supports all efforts to combat human rights abuse.