The past few years have witnessed considerable growth in the construction of distribution centres. Not only have numbers risen, but also the average size has grown hugely. The space is needed to stock large volumes and to prepare parcels for delivery. That in turn means large roof areas; and those square metres can and should be put to use.


The space taken up by logistic real estate (factory halls, super warehouses, distribution centres) in the landscape is enormous. By making the construction of these buildings even stronger, their roofs can be put to multiple uses. As a result, less (expensive) land need be purchased around the buildings, and even more importantly: it ties in with the development of sustainable and climate-resilient buildings.


The list of possible uses for the roof is endless, also on distribution centres. Rooftop parking on distribution centres offers numerous advantages: far less additional space is required around the building, the landscape remains untouched and logistic traffic is separated from car traffic, resulting in better overall safety.


A combination with rooftop gardens or rooftop terraces is another option. Large warehouses are often located on industrial estates where green areas are scarce. By designing the roof as a green outdoor area, you create an attractive place for staff to enjoy their lunch or take a breath of fresh air. It is also possible to install football pitches, tennis courts and paddleball courts on the roof, which can also be used by local sports clubs.


The huge roofs of distribution centres are also the ideal location for installing solar panels. This is indeed a widely used option. However, to arrive at a truly intensively used multifunctional roof layout, solar panels can be perfectly combined with any of the options referred to above.


We create roof access. With modular systems for circular building, for future expansion or for example in combination with charging stations.

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