Education is constantly changing and school buildings change along with these developments.

Primary and secondary schools, and schools for special education are funded by municipalities and must be designed and fitted out responsibly. They have to comply with rules for the school grounds, safety regulations, regulations governing the handling of hazardous substances and the indoor climate. Sustainability plays a major role and specific architecture is used to reinforce the educational philosophy.

If better use can be made of school roofs, there will be a lesser burden on land around the school. The roof can be used multifunctionally and flexibly, giving the school building a long useful life. The roof as a safe, fenced off schoolyard. The roof as a sports pitch. The roof as a vegetable garden. Install fun playground equipment, nice seating and green vegetation. The possibilities are endless.

Zoontjens’ systems are consistent with the policy for the construction of schools. We offer or develop a technically and aesthetically sound solution for each roof.