Parking in comfort? Park on the roof!

When you travel to a shopping centre by car to do the weekly food shop or to visit the centre’s other stores, nothing is more annoying than having to search for a parking space. Do you want to park in comfort and safety? Rooftop parking offers a wealth of possibilities!

Although a short walk never did anyone any harm, and even if your shopping destination is easily reachable by bicycle or public transport, no one will deny that a good day’s shopping starts with problem-free parking. For shop-owners, too, safe and easy parking facilities for their car-driving customers are a huge advantage. Studies by Strabo (Dutch) show that on average 44% of shopping centre visitors arrive by car, and that those same visitors generate the majority (61%) of total shop turnover.

Efficient use of space
However, due to lack of space in the urban environment combined with high land costs, providing parking space is a problematic item in the total renovation and building process. Where can you find the necessary space? Try looking up! Rooftop parking ensures very efficient use of space.

For visitors and owners
By locating parking facilities on the roof or on the floor above the shops, you need fewer square metres around the building. The resultant image is one of peace and openness, thereby creating space for more green. In addition, visitors always have a parking space nearby, with rapid access to the shops. In the case of a large multi-storey shopping centre, with more demand for parking spaces, the use of rooftop parking is particularly attractive. This solution makes shops on the upper storeys just as appealing to visitors as those on the ground floor. And all these advantages apply both to visitors and shop owners and tenants.

Pleasing to the eye
Rooftop parking can also be combined with planting or solar panels to create an attractive overall look. For very high buildings, rooftop parking can even be an added attraction: after all, everyone enjoys a good view. The best shopping experience starts with parking in comfort.

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