“Driven to make progress together”

Paulien Servaes has recently joined the Zoontjens Belgium team as Country Manager for Belgium & Luxembourg. Here she introduces herself, sharing her experiences of the first few weeks.

“I am Paulien Servaes, 31 years old, and I live in downtown Brussels, a lively city where there is always a lot going on. I’m driven, curious and social. And something that motivates me is honesty. My spare time activities include kickboxing and yoga. I also love cooking and doing fun things with my family and friends.

I completed a Master’s degree in commercial sciences at KU Leuven. I used to work as a shop manager specialising in shop interior solutions and so the construction sector is new to me, but I’m very interested in what it has to offer.

I really wanted to work for a Dutch company because I have quite a direct communication style and I also appreciate it if other people communicate directly with me. I have noticed that Zoontjens is very much driven to make progress together and to get the best out of every employee. For me, Zoontjens feels like one big family where everyone is listened to.

My work gives me a lot of positive energy, especially whenever I can keep several projects going at the same time and achieve good results with them all. My goal at Zoontjens is to create beautiful reference projects that we can all support as one big team!”

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