We make sure that everyone can perform at their highest possible level. We are able to do this by always delivering the highest quality ourselves. We have developed our own products and systems and we are always improving them. And we never cease to listen to the parties around us.

Doing a good job

Delivering on our promises. That’s what we’ve been doing for years with a wide range of products that we have continued to develop throughout our history, by always being on the lookout for what can be improved, by never ceasing to listen to the people around us, and by always actively applying this to our systems.

This enables us to claim that our roof slab systems are real feats of engineering: sustainable, durable and of the highest quality. We are proud of this quality and of the high standards that we have imposed on ourselves in this respect. This enables us to guarantee that we will do a good job, delivered in time, all the time. This is because rooftop paving simply is our higher ground.

We have a passion for roofs

We have been working with architects and building contractors in Europe for years. Roofers and project developers. We find ourselves in their company all the time: parties with different goals, different wishes. different ideas. But we’re all determined to turn the roof into a remarkable feat of design and engineering.

We develop our own rooftop paving systems. They are of the highest quality. We have designed them ourselves and we implement them ourselves. This makes us both creators and constructors. We have paved rooftops of all shapes and sizes. We have never ceased to listen to the parties we are dealing with. And we have never ceased to develop.

A solution for every roof

The possibilities up there are endless. It doesn’t matter to us what the roof in question will be used for (sustainable roofs with perfect water drainage, roofs as urban gardens or ecological breeding grounds, roofs to park on or liveable roofs for socialising). We are always the number one party for rooftop paving. Zoontjens is your gateway to a world that is literally and figuratively at a different level.