We can find solutions for everything, simply because, over the years, at one time or another, we have devised nearly all the possible solutions there are. Zoontjens helps to make visions come true and supports all other roof stakeholders where necessary.

Skyline-worthy and effective

Combining aesthetics with functionality. That’s what you and we think about every day. It’s how you make sure that a building perfectly matches its surroundings. And that the right combination of colours and materials makes a practical design much more than just practical. Skyline-worthy and effective at the same time. We in turn aspire for a perfectly devised system that simply has to work.

The roof slab system should be taken into consideration in the roof design stage. That’s what we’ve been doing for many, many years. We have devised and implemented nearly all possible solutions at some time. It’s no surprise that we are a global player with our rooftop paving. And we’ll continue to be so. It’s our higher ground.

We’re constantly switching roles, from creators to constructors and back. We tend to be active during the entire process, from the very first idea to when the last brick or slab is laid. We share our ideas, examine all possibilities, develop and supply our own products and systems and advise various parties. We translate visions into practical systems, explore new solutions together with our partners and never cease to surprise them with new colours, textures and materials. We feel that all this experience gives us every right to call ourselves a ‘knowledge institute’. Thought leaders of the higher ground.

Statement site Jaguar Land Rover Munich
La Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris
The Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome Glasgow
Park Tower Antwerp