Main contractor

Delivering on promises. That’s what we’ve been doing for years, with a wide range of products that we have continually developed throughout our history; by always being on the lookout for what can be improved; by never ceasing to listen to the people around us; and by always actively applying this to our systems.

Ideal partnerships

We have ample experience of working with various different parties on the roof. We find ourselves in their company all the time: parties with different goals, different wishes, different ideas. We share our thoughts about the quality required, but also about the practical implementation and maintenance. We’re all determined to turn the roof into a remarkable feat of design and engineering.

Challenges seem to be inherent in construction projects: finding the right system for the roof; lack of space to build; coming up with a tight logistics plan that is suitable for the busy environment; or having to deal with policy on supplying and removing building products. We look for the best possible ways of working together to ensure the right planning schedule that is crucial when implementing projects.

Feats of engineering

Our roof slab systems are remarkable feats of engineering: sustainable, durable and of the highest quality. We are proud of this quality. And of the high standards we have imposed on ourselves in this respect. They enable us to guarantee that we will do a good job, delivered in time, all the time. This is because rooftop paving simply is our higher ground.

“I was not familiar with the Zoontjens system, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’ve seen what it is and how it’s installed, I have total faith in it.”

Hugo Wolfs
Owner of Hawee Bouw