Hikvision makes optimum use of building space

November 27, 2020

On behalf of Hikvision Europe b.v., Willy Naessens Nederland has started construction work on the expansion of the existing premises with offices and warehouse in Hoofddorp. Hikvision are manufacturers and suppliers of video security equipment.

More than 7000 m² of land are being added to the European head office, representing a tripling of the storage capacity. The expansion comprises three storeys with parking space for cars on the roof.

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer imposed the requirement that all cars must be parked on the company’s own site. With the existing premises, the parking spaces are on ground level, thereby taking up valuable space for the building. The client wanted to make optimum use of the space on the new site and therefore opted for rooftop parking.

Building consultancy firm BOAG selected the Pardak®110 system to make the roof suitable for use as parking space. The total area of the roof is more than 5500 m2, offering space for 215 cars.

Bron artist impression: BOAG

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