car park accessoires

We offer a range of accessories for our rooftop car parks to ensure the most complete and safest finish possible.

Lamppost elements
To enable easy integration of lampposts with the rooftop car park, we offer several different options for lamppost elements. The facilities which are precast into the concrete allow easy installation of lampposts on the elements.

Speed limiters
Speed limiters discourage fast driving, thereby contributing to the safety and a long service life of the rooftop car park. Our speed limiters are produced from precast concrete. They are also tensioned into position, making them an integral part of the rooftop car park.

We use buffers to separate parking spaces or to create walking or driving zones. The buffers are mechanically attached to the Pardak® slabs.

Inspection slab
By installing an inspection slab in a standard Pardak® slab, the substructure can be accessed directly to check rainwater drainage. This makes maintenance easy and safe.

Heated slab
Snow, frost or black ice? The heated slab system for rooftop car parks and slopes relegates these worries to the past. Heating the slab ensures reliable access to parking spaces, regardless of the weather.

Integration of lighting, waste bins, plant boxes and tree planters or outdoor furniture is also possible. We will be happy to look into your wishes, requirements and the options with you.