Raising and levelling rooftop terraces, living roofs or rooftop promenades. Our patented DNS® system enables Zoontjens rooftop paving to be quickly and easily raised to the desired height.

the system

Lifting element
We use a DNS® tube to achieve the required height. The precise height of each tube is determined using a building laser. The tube is then sawn to the required height and mounted in a DNS® pressure distribution foot/disc. A support element is placed on top of this, depending on the slab to be used. The result is a level walking surface.

Roof finishes
DNS® is ideally suited for paving on living roofs, rooftop terraces, rooftop gardens, cellar roofs, and promenades. DNS® can be used in combination with any rooftop paving slabs from Zoontjens. A specific support element has been developed for each slab, to guarantee a streamlined roof surface. DNS®Large must be used for slabs bigger than 60×60 cm or for raising the level by more than 40 cm.

for every type of rooftop paving

Edge finishing
A special edge zone system supports the slabs near walls or other raised elements. The DNS® edge zone foot is flat on one side enabling it to be placed closer to the edge. The DNS® edge zone disc has an adjustable edge zone strip. This edge zone system provides good slab support and locks the slabs in place.