Dreen®Nxt is the ultimate rooftop paving system, for any flat roof. The clean-lined concrete slab and support system guarantees a stable and durable rooftop terrace.


Dreen®Nxt is the upgraded version of the celebrated Dreen® slabs. As the use of rooftop outdoor space becomes increasingly popular, higher demands are being placed on rooftop paving, in particular to withstand intensive use and heavy loads. The newly developed lockplate system, cleaner lines, more colourways and more sustainable raw materials, Dreen®Nxt is ready for the future.


Rooftop terraces, rooftop pathways, rooftop gardens, rooftop courtyards, rooftop pitches and rooftop parks. Dreen®Nxt is our complete rooftop paving system solution for all flat roofs. From large to small and from light to heavy use, the Dreen®Nxt system offers a stable, high-quality, safe walking surface where it is a pleasure to relax, shop, dine, stroll or enjoy more active sporting adventures. Almost anything that can be done at ground level can also be done on the rooftop!


Dreen®Nxt is available in the formats 30×30, 50×50 and 60×40 cm, in a range of thicknesses. Dreen®Nxt features a recess on the base of the slab, that fits precisely into the lockplate so that the slab is perfectly fixed and locked in position. Once fitted, the slabs will never move or break free. With the Dreen®Nxt range, surface drainage is achieved via the grooves in the sides of the slab. The slab features countersunk rounded grooves that are invisible when viewed from the rooftop terrace, creating an attractive clean-lined look for the surface.


Dreen®Nxt, in the formats 50×50 cm and 60×40 cm can be raised to the required height by combining the special lockplate with the DNS® system or with the adjustable height system. Both systems ensure a level rooftop terrace. Just like all systems from Zoontjens, Dreen®Nxt can also be easily removed, following use, and subsequently reinstalled or reused. For sloping roof sections, a lockplate is available, that is placed precisely beneath the slab, directly on the roof surface.


Outdoor space is an important element for any building and must match seamlessly with its surroundings. We produce Dreen®Nxt in a range of standard colours. Select a colour that matches the appearance you are looking for, or why not try a combination? Outside our standard colour range, we are happy to be of assistance if you are interested in a specific colour or look, to match a particular design or building.


We manufacture our Dreen®Nxt products in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). The innovative production technology at this location helps us achieve our sustainability goals. Thanks to improved raw materials and more efficient production flows, Dreen®Nxt slabs are even more sustainable. Our system also offers logistic advantages. In most cases, we are located closer to our customers. In addition, raw materials are delivered by inland shipping, meaning lower CO2 and NOx emissions.

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