Barbecues, dirty shoes and birthday parties on the roof terrace? No problem with Dreen®Elegance.

A stylish roof terrace

These slabs have been specially coated to make them resistant to organic contamination and UV radiation as well as making them easy to maintain. Dirt cannot penetrate into the slab. And the slabs are frost-proof; they will not break when they freeze.

Sizes and colours
The Dreen®Elegance slab is available in 60×60 cm and in a range of colours and designs.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance of the Dreen®Elegance is easy: regular dirt can be dissolved with water. Extreme contamination can be cleaned using soft soap and then rinsed with water.

Fixplate lock and DNS®
Placing the slabs on our unique fixplate lock system prevents them from moving apart. This element also ensures straight joints. The use of DNS® enables us to raise the slabs and make sure that the surface is level and flat.