Dreen® slab

Dreen®Nxt is the successor to the Dreen slab®. Dreen®Nxt is an upgrade in terms of durability, performance and appearance. Dreen®Nxt is the new generation for rooftop paving.


The Dreen®Nxt rooftop paving system is our ultimate answer to all your flat roof paving needs. Dreen®Nxt slabs are available in various sizes and thicknesses, making the product suitable for any application. From large to small or from light to heavy use. Dreen®Nxt comes in three spectacular colour ranges: Comfort, Texture and Special. Dreen®Nxt features a recess on the base of the slab, that fits precisely into the lockplate so that the slab is perfectly fixed and locked in position. As a result, once laid, the slabs are unable to shift or break free.

Projects with the Dreen® slab