H.Z. Logistics

In 2023, H.Z. Logistics moved to a brand-new and ultra-modern location in Maasdijk. This area is known for companies in the logistics sector. With a cross-docking center featuring 32 docks, cooling facilities, and parking on the roof, the company is poised for future growth.


H.Z. Logistics is a major logistics service provider for the transportation of vegetables and fruits, floriculture products, ship provisioning, and special transport. With an eye toward future growth, the company sought a larger and ultra-modern facility. Under the direction of Triple Group and designed by Bogaerds Architects, De Vries en Verburg constructed the new building. It includes: 4 hectares of land, a 12,000 m2 cross-docking center, 32 docks, cooling facilities, and a 2,000 m2 car wash.


The design also incorporates an almost 5000-square-meter parking roof. This is not the first time this construction team has opted for this solution for a logistics center. The nearby buildings of Growers United and Nature’s Pride also feature a similar solution. It makes sense: no additional space is needed around the building, and logistics traffic is separated from personal vehicles, ensuring safety.


At this new H.Z. Logistics building, Pardak®110 was used. With bumpers, markings, light poles, and charging stations, the roof is fully equipped! In addition to the parking roof, outdoor spaces have also been created on the roof. A pleasant rooftop terrace near the cafeteria and an executive balcony near the offices. Dreen®Ceramica was chosen for their installation.

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