Expertise Centre

Earlier this year, we were commissioned to carry out the construction of a rooftop car park in an extraordinary place. Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works, has constructed its new Offshore Expertise Centre (OEC) near the Haringvliet estuary, an inlet of the North Sea. A key requirement for this new test site was that it should have a strong roof that would be suited to being accessed with vehicles and equipment.

Test site

The OEC in Stellendam tests modern technology, including technology that contributes to sustainable off-shore energy generation. The single-storey building has several areas where people can work and two large masts on the corners. Since the masts and the roof are used for testing various different systems, it was decided to construct the roof as a rooftop car park.


Opting for the Pardak®110 system has made the roof suitable for vehicles such as cars and vans to be driven and parked on it, besides enabling various equipment to be placed safely on the roof. The total roof surface is approximately 800 square metres.