Postal sorting centre for bpost Brussels

In 2011, bpost put out a tender for a public works contract for a new postal sorting centre in Brussels. Tijdelijke Handelsvereniging Katoen Natie, Ond. Jan de Nul and Envisan won this contract. Katoen Natie’s Business Unit Supply Chain Engineering took care of the design and implementation phases of the project, supported by the VK Engineering firm of architects. Willy Naessens was awarded the carcass construction and finishing elements of this project.

Largest sorting centre in Belgium

With 70,000 m² in sorting surface on a plot the size of 14 football pitches, this new postal sorting centre, called Brussel X, is the largest sorting centre in Belgium by far. It comprises a total solution where bpost handles both letters and parcels in one complex of buildings. There are 89 loading and unloading ramps for vans and lorries. The complex features a sorting building, mezzanine, office building and a rooftop car park.

Complete rooftop car park with accessories

Zoontjens was awarded the assignment of constructing this rooftop car park. We have fitted almost 25,000 m² with our Pardak®110 system, including buffers, lamppost elements and speed limiters. There is also a nice planted strip along the edges of the rooftop car park. In order to properly lock the rooftop car park into place, special concrete buffers were placed that separate the green roof from the rooftop car park.

Safely to work

Riemert Viaene, project manager for Katoen Natie explained why this rooftop car park structure was chosen: “The bpost roof has been reinforced to enable employees to conveniently park on the roof and to get to their work safely, without having to manoeuvre through the freight traffic around the building. Land and parking areas are scarce in Brussels. This technical solution created an extra 25,000 m² in parking capacity, representing a significant added value.”