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This shopping centre operated by ECE was reopened on 28 August 2013. The shopping centre covers an area of approx. 38,000 m², with 180 stores, a wellness centre, service and restaurant/catering businesses on two levels and a special roof garden.

The central location of the Skyline Plaza makes it a key connection between the Messe (Frankfurt’s trade centre complex), the banking district and the city centre. Ideal traffic and public transport connections ensure optimum access to the shopping centre. For visitors travelling by car, sufficient parking spaces are available both in the underground car park and on three floors above the shopping levels.

Previous experiences

For the most critical section of the parking roof immediately above the shopping level, over an area of approx. 17,000 m², the constructors at ECE opted for a reverse roof structure with a multilayer bitumen sealing and the Pardak®110 parking roof system from Zoontjens.

During the construction of the Schlosshöfe Oldenburg project in 2010/2011, ECE had already gained favourable experience with this modular system and operation of the building confirmed the positive aspects. Creating the entrance and exit to the car park on the Skyline Plaza using parking roof slabs was not only a major challenge from a technical point of view, but also demanded considerable skill from the laying personnel. For these critical zones, with a view to bridging height differences, Zoontjens developed special parking roof slabs with integrated slope.


At Zoontjens, sustainable building is key. Here, too, we were able to support the construction workers and clients. Our contribution helped ensure that, thanks to the sustainable design and integration of the overall architecture, the Skyline Plaza won a golden certificate from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB).