Sports Medical
Centre KNVB

Work on the new Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) Campus has been ongoing at the KNVB grounds in Zeist since February 2015. New, modern training facilities, a hotel for players, a Training Centre and a new Sports Medical Centre (SMC) form the basis of this campus.

The KNVB’s Sports Medical Centre is held in very high regard. The sophisticated test, measuring and rehabilitation facilities, as well as the collaboration with other medical centres, enable the SMC to deliver the highest quality possible. Rapid developments and the KNVB’s ambition to maintain this top quality have inspired a full renovation of the existing SMC, adapting it to the high specialist requirements that go with such a centre.

When designing the new SMC, it was decided to create parking facilities on the building’s roof. The roof is 669 square metres in size and, given the size and the traffic intensity of the roof, Zoontjens has proposed using Pardak®80 here. Buffers have also been installed on the roof.