Wing Yip Superstore

Wing Yip is the largest Chinese supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. This family business has branches in Manchester, Birmingham, Cricklewood and Croydon and has been successful in the UK for over 40 years.

The Croydon branch is now about to expand drastically. The total area will almost double to 75,000 square metres and will feature a large refrigerated warehouse, an entrance hall, more shopping area, plus extra parking facilities on the roof. As a result, the owner of Wing Yip was looking for a good and sustainable solution for his new rooftop carpark. He has taken over his father’s business and intends to transfer it to his sons in due course in a future-proof state.

So, together with his architect, he went to see the rooftop carpark at the Broadway shopping mall in Bradford and was immediately convinced that the Pardak®110 system from Zoontjens is the best and most sustainable solution for his new roof in Croydon.