Axisparc in Mont-Saint-Guibert is the most innovative business park in Belgium. It is a park with 19 buildings that offer accommodation to 110 businesses with more than 1500 employees.

Positive previous experience

The 97% occupancy rate is one of the highest in the country. This is thanks partly to the excellent location near motorways and public transport stations, but also the green surroundings. Axisparc integrates modern architecture and open space, allowing the staff on site to work in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Axisparc is constantly expanding. Having previously chosen Zoontjens for the first two phases, Axisparc also opted for the company in phase 3. Narrow parking strips were laid in front of the building using Pardak® 60 slabs in ‘pepper’ colour while public terrace areas have been laid at various locations using DNS® and Dreen® slabs in ‘cinnamon’, and ‘granite grey’ coloured Drenoliet® slabs.