Photographs: Jannes Linders
With its structure of timber, concrete and steel, HAUT in Amsterdam is the tallest hybrid wooden building in the Netherlands. Spacious rooftop terraces are of course an integral part of this iconic residential tower block. The expertise of Zoontjens was called in for the rooftop terraces.


HAUT is an initiative of project developer Lingotto, the firm of architects TEAM V Architectuur and engineering agency Arup. The special building was constructed by Bouwbedrijf J.P. van Eesteren. HAUT was awarded a BREEAM Outstanding design certificate for the highest degree of sustainability, and was completed in such a way that all the materials employed can as far as possible be reused.


For the laying of the rooftop terraces, instead of wood the choice went to Dreen®Ceramica by Zoontjens. The contractor and architect wanted a solid solution, partly because of the overall height of the tower block at more than 70 metres. Zoontjens was able to offer just that solution. The Zoontjens system creates a fully enclosed, clean-lined rooftop finish, that is both low maintenance and entirely removable at the end of its useful life.


In total the tower block features around 75 different rooftop terraces, varying in shape and size. For each floor and each terrace, Zoontjens prepared a laying plan to guarantee clean lines and a stable finish. We worked with DNS® to bridge the height differences, and the fixplate lock system to lock the terrace slabs in place. Exactly what the work involves is explained in this video.

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