In Greenwich (London) IKEA has opened the doors to it’s leading sustainable store. This ambitious project includes one of London’s largest accessible green rooftop spaces for people and nature, complete with panoramic views across the city. The impressive outdoor space combines biodiversity features, rainwater storage, solar panels, orchards, wild meadows and a flexible event space with plans for open air yoga and meditation classes. It is open to the public and will beneficially impact both the residents and wildlife of Greenwich.

The installation of this extensive green roof was undertaken by green roof contractors Bridgman & Bridgman. For the 850 square meter roof terraces and walkways Bridgman & Bridgman collaborated with Wraxalls, a distributor of Zoontjens’ products in the UK.

They used the Dreen®slab for the roof, for an attractive appearance and trouble-free rainwater disposal with great strength and structural stability. It was easy and quick to install a Dreen® system because of crane time and constructability. Surplus materials were used to create habitats for insects and other wildlife. The completed urban rooftop is bringing something truly special to this IKEA store, and the wider community.

Bridgman & Bridgman LLP has received a Bali Award as “Best First Time Entrant” for the Ikea Greenwich project in London. READ MORE >

Read the story with this building which goes far beyond the environmental impact of the building.

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