One of the Dutch-speaking universities in Belgium is the co-university college Odisee. The school has 10,000 students on six campuses. One of these campuses is located in the center of Brussels, a popular place to study in the bustling capital of Europe. The rooftop plaza of the building has been completely renovated. Zoontjens was the perfect partner for the new construction.


Odisee positions itself as the co-university college. They love co-creation, tackling studies together. Teachers are coaches, internships are connections, and the campus is not just a campus but a place where comfort, meeting, sustainability, and innovation go hand in hand. The renovated rooftop plaza fits perfectly with this vision.


The plaza is located on the ground floor, on the roof of the restaurant, in the heart of the building. From the upper floors, you can look out over it. It consisted of an inner garden with various types of tiles and planting. Leaks, loose and cracked slabs, and a lack of seating areas were the main reasons for a complete makeover. Client De Raedt chose Zoontjens’ rooftop systems for the new plaza.


During the renovation, we faced several challenges. Most of the roof had to be ready before the start of the new academic year. But above all, we had to deal with various technical details. First, the height for placing the DNS® system varied everywhere, working with a raise from only 35 mm to several tens of centimeters. Additionally, connections to stairs, curves, columns, and entrances required good preparation and precise cutting.


From a logistical perspective, this project was also an exciting challenge. Not only because the project is located in the center of Brussels, but especially because the slabs were unloaded outside the building and then manually moved to the roof.


We managed to complete the 800-square-meter rooftop plaza in a short time, with a portion even being used during the work. The beautiful furniture makes it a great place to discuss, have lunch, or meet.