Town centre

The town of Wezembeek-Oppem (Belgium) has a brand new town centre, with new buildings, for various different functions and green parks, making it a beautiful and lively centre with a modern range of services and facilities. And with multifunctional roofs.


The town hall, library and the primary school of Wezembeek-Oppem were extremely outdated. When a study into refurbishing these buildings showed that simple refurbishment would not be efficient, both from a private and an ecological point of view, it was decided to develop a completely new town centre. The local authority opted for a Public Private Partnership with the Van Roey company acting as the general contractor.


The plan included a New Administrative Centre (NAC), a new school and library, a public park, new housing and catering and retail outlets all together in one location, with a strong focus on sustainability. This has translated into heat pumps, LED lighting and solar panels and other sustainable features.


In order to minimise the number of cars in the new town centre, it was decided to create underground parking facilities, as a result of which the public ground floor level automatically became a roof. Several rooftop terraces were constructed on the first and third floors. It was decided to use Dreen Magna, in a combination of sizes 60×60 and 100×100 cm, to construct all these roofs. This completely new town centre has made Wezembeek-Oppem absolutely ready for the future.