Fall protection without roof penetration

BiboBlock offers a permanent and durable fall protection system. Over the coming period, in her series of blogs, Paulien will be discussing this product.

Falling from height remains a common cause of serious industrial accidents in the construction sector. It is therefore no surprise that there are very strict rules on the coordination of safety while working at height. The employer is legally required to take measures that guarantee the safety of the employee.

No roof penetration
The Biboblock is a concrete slab weighing 192 kg, in which a thick stainless steel ring is embedded. Employees can secure themselves to this block, directly or using safety lines, to allow safe working on the roof. Depending on the type of roof covering, the BiboBlock® is either glued or (heat) bonded to the roof surface. That is also the major advantage of this system: the roof itself does not have to be penetrated and the roof cover is not pierced.

No nuisance
The BiboBlock is the only fall arrest system for flat roofs that can be installed without having to pierce the roof covering or penetrate the roof construction. As a result, unlike with other solutions, no nuisance is caused during installation. Both on new built and existing properties, this fall protection system is easy to install.

No additional maintenance
Leaving the roof undamaged means that no additional maintenance is required on the roof or roof covering. That saves time, labour and costs. The BiboBlock itself requires nothing more than a visual inspection once every five years.

No thermal bridges, no leaks
Even more important is that the roof covering and roof construction remain completely intact. This means that installation of a BiboBlock has no influence on the air proofness of the roof covering system and eradicates the risk of leaks and thermal bridges. The perfect solution for any property!

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