Maintenance extends useful life of the parking roof

Paul Heerkens
Managing director

A service inspection for a car is the most normal thing in the world, as are inspections of your central heating boiler and painting your home. Why then not inspection and maintenance of a parking roof?

A parking roof is exposed to many extremes. Not only cars driving, braking, turning and parking but rain, wind and snow are also factors that place severe demands on the roof material. Regular monitoring and maintenance inspections help extend the useful life of your parking roof.

Inspection visit

During such an inspection visit, the condition of the parking roof is determined according to a number of benchmarks, such as:

  • the stability of the driving surface
  • the condition and the tensioning of the Pardak® slabs
  • the conditon of the ramps and exits
  • the condition of any buffers and/or speed limiters installed

If necessary, the rainwater discharge systems are cleared, and, if slabs have to be raised for maintenance, the space below is checked for possible blockages.

Extension useful life

Based on this approach, we inspect the entire parking roof and where necessary carry out any minor repairs, on the spot. Regularly repeating these inspection visits will help extend the useful life of your parking roof and avoid major damage, thanks to early observation. In addition, regular maintenance that ensures the sound quality of the roof is less costly than a major maintenance operation once every five or ten years. The Dutch BDA Dakadvies has estimated the average useful life of Pardak® parking roofs as at least 30 years, based on careful maintenance.

Maintenance report

For our maintenance visits, we rely on a regular contractor. The client receives a report of each inspection, in which the findings, repairs and any recommendations are recorded, together with photographic evidence.


The frequency of maintenance work differs from roof to roof, depending on

  • the size and level of use of the parking roof (high or low traffic volumes)
  • the speed at which vehicles use the facility (too fast or the recommended speed)
  • the movements made (little or regular turning and braking)

We will be delighted to advise you on the ideal maintenance interval for your parking roof. If you do not yet have a maintenance contract, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then carry out an initial inspection of the parking roof, and, based on the findings, draw up a maintenance contract.

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