Walkable solar slab

Zolar is a walkable solar energy slab for flat roofs. Open up your flat roof with a rooftop terrace made from solar panels.


Kill two birds with one slab: our Zolar slab: create a walkable rooftop, and generate solar energy! By paving your roof with walkable solar energy slabs, you create a rooftop terrace with a dual function.


The 60×60 cm Zolar slab is 2 cm thick and can be mounted on the Zoontjens fixplate lock system. This system locks the solar slabs firmly and stably in place. Nonetheless they remain removable and you maintain access to the underside and the subsurface. The Zolar slab combines perfectly with Dreen®Ceramica. This ceramic slab system for rooftop terraces comes in the same format and works in combination with the same system.


The maximum power output that a single Zolar slab can generate in ideal conditions is 45 Watt peak. For a single square metre of paving, this amounts to almost 130 Wp. The Zolar slab is currently being installed and tested on various roofs, including the experimental roof in Rotterdam. This will give us a clearer picture of the precise output of the Zolar slab.

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