CRH Sustainability Report

March 28, 2022

At Zoontjens, just like our parent company CRH, we understand our actions can have a positive impact on the world around us and the role we play in shaping a more sustainable built environment.

By advancing our sustainability performance, we are not only future-proofing our business, but helping to drive global progress. Annually CRH publishes the Sustainability Report, showcasing how CRH is responding to the global trends shaping the future of construction and collaborating with our stakeholders to embed sustainability through our building solutions.

Some of the sustainability highlights for last year are:

  • 94% of our locations had zero accidents
  • $207 million invested in environmental initiatives
  • 46% of revenue from sustainable products
  • 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented through the use of carbon neutral fuels

This animation shows how CRH puts sustainability at the heart of its businesses:

Sustainability Report

“Empowering sustainability through our building solutions”

Download Sustainability Report

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