kOsh campus

The Scholen van Morgen (Schools of Tomorrow) project is a public-private cooperation between the Flemish government on the one hand, and AG Real Estate and BNP Paribas Fortis on the other. The programme includes the design, building, funding and 30-year maintenance of 182 school building projects. Every School of Tomorrow is a unique project, based on the local needs and views, and matching all modern sustainability, comfort and flexibility requirements.

One of the 182 projects is the Ieperstraat campus of the catholic education foundation Katholiek Onderwijs Stad Herentals (kOsh). A new school with a surface of 9,924 m² was built here, catering for some 1,000 pupils. The campus consists of four wings of two storeys surrounding a central playground, resembling a town square. The building was designed by CONIX RDBM Architects and constructed by THV MBG-Atro.

The bridges between the two building volumes create both extra and covered play areas. There is a secluded conversation pit under the stairs, whereas the roof features an extra playground with table tennis tables. Zoontjens was given the assignment to construct the elevated square and we installed the Drenoliet® system on DNS® here.