Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Imagine starting your day with a nice cup of coffee, or ending the week with a friendly round of drinks, in the sun. Now imagine yourself in the heart of the city, on the fifth floor, on ‘higher grounds’. The infinity Garden at Rotterdam’s CasaNova tower block is a fabulous combination of paving and luxurious green growth.

The Rotterdam skyline

The CasaNova residential tower block is located between Rotterdam’s Markthal building and the river Maas, and in total rises to 35 storeys. It is an iconic part of Rotterdam’s skyline, designed by Barcode Architects and developed by Wilma Wonen, to Barcode’s design. The complex comprises a four storey lower substructure housing offices, shops, apartments and a carpark. From this base emerges a triangular-shaped residential tower block, rising from narrow to broad, in a sharp point. This section is also known as the waistline. CasaNova was built by SBB and offers space for a total of 116 owner-occupier apartments.

Rooftop garden as a meeting place

The fifth floor houses the Infinity garden; a magnificent 1,500 m2 rooftop garden, that links CasaNova with the adjacent complex The Muse. This offers the residents of both buildings a place to relax and enjoy the view. The luxurious green garden was designed by landscape architect Jeroen Hamers and laid out by the Koninklijke Ginkel Groep.

Rooftop terrace in stretcher bond

For the paving of the rooftop garden, that occupies around 900 m2, Zoontjens laid rectangular slabs in what is known as the stretcher bond. The slab of choice was the Dreen®Magna in the format 100x50x6, in the colour Comfort Light Grey. A perfect choice for this semi-public rooftop garden.