Dreen®Nxt is the successor to the Drenoliet®. Dreen®Nxt is an upgrade in terms of durability, performance and appearance. Dreen®Nxt is the new generation for rooftop paving..


The Dreen®Nxt rooftop paving system is our ultimate answer to all your flat roof paving needs. The new Dreen®Nxt slab, in the sizes 50x50x6 and 60x40x6, just like Drenoliet®, is suitable for heavy load applications on rooftop terraces, rooftop squares and rooftop gardens. The slabs can withstand both high static load (planters and street furniture) and high dynamic loads (shopping trolleys and roll containers). Dreen®Nxt features a recess on the base of the slab, that fits precisely into the lockplate so that the slab is perfectly fixed and locked in position. As a result, once laid, the slabs are unable to shift or break free.

Projects with Drenoliet