End of 2015, ECE opened in the city centre of Aachen a new shopping centre: Aquis Plaza. With its total surface of 29,000 m2 and 130 shops, 34 apartments and 600 m2 of office area, it is much more than just a shopping mall.

The architecture of blends harmoniously into the existing city centre and is based on Aachen’s leading theme: water.The building has four floors in total, the first two house the shops and a food court. The third and fourth floors accommodate a total of 600 parking bays.

The benefits of the Pardak®110 system

Based on previous positive cooperation experience, ECE again decided to have the carpark over the shops (3rd floor) constructed using the Zoontjens Pardak®110 system. Also the short construction period was an important reason to choose once again for Pardak®; given the location of Aquis Plaza, in the middle of a pedestrian area, it was a logistical challenge and only one truck at a time could unload. Because of the limited work and supply spaces, all material was hoisted to the third floor via a specially designed lifting platform. Nearly 10,000 square meters was installed in just six months.