To accommodate an ever growing number of staff, the VDL head office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, had to be expanded and renovated. In pride of place on the top floor of the building is the canteen with a fabulous rooftop terrace. Lunch here is no punishment!


VDL needed to double the capacity of the existing head office. In addition to the existing premises, a copy of the original with its own carpark was built, and the two buildings were joined by an atrium. The existing building underwent a full renovation. VDL Vastgoed contracted Franken Architectuur to design the building, and the construction work was entrusted to Hurks.


The canteen is located on the top floor. The all-round glazing guarantees a well-lit interior, while the adjacent rooftop terrace of no less than 260 square metres offers the perfect opportunity for a breath of fresh air. The view from the rooftop terrace looks out across the city centre of Eindhoven.


Due to the use of matching floor colours, the interior of the canteen appears to extend seamlessly onto the outdoor rooftop terrace. On the terrace, we installed Dreen®Ceramica slabs with a wood effect in the format 120×30 cm. The use of the stretcher bond pattern gives the floor an authentic wood look, but with the advantages of low-maintenance ceramic. The terrace is attractively finished with large planters and matching outdoor furniture, creating an exclusive overall impression.