There is a Colruyt supermarket to the north of the Belgian town of Nivelles. Its roof was turned into a rooftop car park some 20 years ago in order to provide for extra parking space and this was now up for a renovation. A highly modern, circular approach was taken to deliver this.


The rooftop car park has an area of more than 2,000 square metres and was constructed using the Zoontjens Pardak®90 system. Naturally, after 20 years of intensive use, the lanes could do with some renovation. The worn XPS insulation underneath the system was found to have caused them to become instable. However, the actual Pardak®90 slabs were still in excellent condition and Colruyt opted to reuse the existing slabs.

Circular renovation

The entire roof was renovated in line with circular principles within approximately four weeks. Firstly all the slabs were blast-cleaned to remove the marking lines. Then all the slabs and insulation were removed from the roof. This was followed by making the necessary repairs to the roofing.


Where possible, the insulation was placed back. However, the insulation under the lanes was replaced by new insulation, after which most of the slabs were placed back and secured using new tensioning elements. The roof is now fit to last for many more years. Applying new marking lines was the finishing touch.

Collect & Go

One of the services that can be found on the roof is Colruyt’s Collect & Go station. Customers who have ordered their shopping online can collect their orders on the roof, quickly, and without coming into contact with other customers.