Growers United

Growers United, a professional cooperative of and for fruit and vegetable growers, recently built completely new premises right alongside the A20 motorway, at the Honderdland II business park in Maasdijk, The Netherlands. Optimum use of the space available was guaranteed by installing rooftop parking.


The new building accommodates not only the offices but also the packaging centre for the five brands Green Diamonds, Paprico, Prominent, Purple Pride and SweetPoint. The majority of products are packaged on this location. In total, around 250 million individual packs will be produced each year, a figure that doubles the current number! The cooperative is of benefit not only to the affiliated members, but certainly also their customers.


A rooftop carpark encompassing no less than 4,727 m² has been installed on the company building. Triple Group from Maasdijk supervised the entire construction project on behalf of Growers United. Together with the contractor De Vries en Verburg, they investigated the most ideal solution for this enormous rooftop carpark. In the end they opted for Zoontjens.


Key account manager Hans Mutsaers explained why they chose the Pardak®110 system. “We impose considerable demands on our rooftop carparks. They are always subjected to extensive testing. We often commission studies that have resulted in various certifications. The proven quality, the service life and our reputation convinced the clients to choose Pardak®110. I am delighted that Triple Group and De Vries en Verburg opted for our Pardak® system. One detail worth mentioning is that a rooftop carpark with Pardak®110 has also been installed on the neighbouring building owned by Nature’s Pride.”


Employees of Growers United are already well-accustomed to using the rooftop carpark. As Corien Zuijdwegt explained: “The parking slots are spacious and located close to the entrance. The view from the rooftop carpark takes in the whole of the Westland; marvellous!”